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To buy an aircraft is not that easy as it may seem at first, and we know that.  Quite a number of questions arise when you choose an aircraft. For  example, why would you pay for extra  range if you are not going to fly in that direction; how many persons will fly with you; what comfort level you  would prefer; aircraft of what year of manufacture you would need; and, of  course, how much you are ready to spend for the purchase of an aircraft.

Owing a private jet means independence from transportation problems. Traffic jams on the highways, lack of tickets in the box offices and stuffy compartments in the trains, the most uncomfortable schedules of departures and  arrivals… all these will remain in the past when you get your private aircraft. You can go exactly where you need to any time you want. Privet jet – is a freedom of travel and independence from the external circumstances.

Purchase of an aircraft includes several main stages:

  • Highlighting the main criteria for the selection of the aircraft type.
  • Consultations regarding aircraft technical characteristics and their economical efficiency.
  • Consideration of several variants corresponding to the given criteria.
  • Consideration of a financial scheme of purchasing an aircraft.
  • Discussion and coordination of matters concerning operation of the aircraft.
  • Discussion and coordination of the matters concerning customs clearance in  the country of new registration.
  • Mutual approval and signing of the contract for purchasing the new aircraft.
  • Examination and inspection of the aircraft by the company specialists.
  • Organization of activities focused on brining the aircraft in  correspondence with the requirements of aviation authorities of the country of  new registration.
  • Carrying out of the flight to the airport of base.
  • Registration of the board in the civil aircrafts’ record of the country of  new registration.
  • Handing the aircraft to the new technical operator.
  • Beginning of the operation.

Our goal is to make each stage in the process of choosing, buying and registration of a private jet as much clear and comprehensible for  our Clients as possible. We will take into account all your requests and select the best type of management for you.  Based on our experience and your requirements we will choose for you the aircraft which will meet all your expectations.  We will arrange a technical check-up of the aircraft before the purchase, analyze and test all its units and nodes, work out the plan of aircraft purchase as well as provide help in juridical aspect of the deal. We  can also register the purchased aircraft in any country you choose. If needed, we will also choose the country which will meet your wishes. All the work done will be aimed at the juridical accuracy, reliability and security of the aircraft purchasing process as well as minimization of purchasing period.